Apetina Feta With Black Olives 100g


Size: 100G
Product Code: 5019983

Apetina snack pack with black olives is a white, slightly salty cheese with a firm structure. The cheese comes with spicy mix in oil, which makes it even more piquant and fresh.

Apetina snack pack with black olives is an indispensable ingredient of your favourite salad. The mix of black olives and Apetina makes any salad fresh, quick and easy. You could also try Apetina as a delicate snack. It tastes even better with dry wines, such as Retsina, or Light Red Beaujolais or simply try with a glass of your favorite beer.



Milk, rapeseed oil, salt, herbs and garlic mixture, lactic acid culture, rennet (microbial), calcium chloride, lipase and marinated black olives