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Creamy Blue Cheese 150g


Size: 150G
Product Code: 5018312

Castello Danablu Extra Creamy is a richer and more creamy version of Danish Blue, which is a semi-solid mould ripened cheese with a sharp, piquant and slightly salty taste.

The story of Castello began in 1893 with the young and visionary Rasmus Tholstrup, who thanks to his passion for quality and an admirable persistence became a true pioneer in the world of cheese-making. Today, more than 110 years later, the story continues and the legacy lives on in our cheeses.

Wine pairing

Explore the full taste of Castello Danish Blue cheese with rich, full-bodied and almost sweety red wine like a Reciotto delle Valpolicella, sweet white wine, e.g. Muscat. Aged dark portwine, Ruby or Vintage Port as well as beer are also fine companions of Castello Danish Blue.


Milk, salt, lactic acid culture, calcium chloride, mould culture, lipase and rennet (microbial)