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Any 2 @ $13.50

Any 2 @ $13.50

Fabric Conditioner Refill - Indoor Dry 1.5L


Size: 1.5L
Product Code: 5039737

20X AntiBac Power**

Removes Bad Odor


1 = 4

With Antibac power, fights musty odors +

Mild refreshing Jasmine scent!

Use everyday for your whole family!

Can be used for indoor dry malodor!

Prevents malodor on socks!

Can be used for Papa’s shirt and stale malodor!

Neutralizes full day malodor!

Gentle Jasmine and sophisticated Lily scent all day!

Malodor prevention power that lasts until night!

Prevents growth of germ + that causes indoor dry malodor!

Germ that causes indoor dry malodor

Downy ® Indoor Dry prevents germ growth

Leaving gentle scent behind!

**Tested on representative germ vs Downy ® Antibac.