Egg White 1kg


Size: 1KG
Product Code: 5023591

The most natural and effective source of protein available.Provides 29.3gm protein per 250ml cup.Easily digestible and ideal for prompting muscle growth and fat loss.Low in calories.Suitable for low fat diets. Long lasting energy. Ideal for low GI diets. 100% natural unlike powdered alternatives.Keeps you full longer,balancing blood sugar levels over a longer period,improving alertness and minimizes food cravings.Safe to eat without cooking.Versatile ingredient.Use in omelets, smoothies etc.This is a frozen product. Use within 5 days after thawed.

Pasteurised egg white (albumen). Product of New Zealand.Natural Protein. No Cholesterol. Ready to go. No additives and preservatives.


Egg White (Pastuerized)