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Premium Toddler Nutritious Milk Drink Step 3 900g


Size: 900G
Product Code: 5033003

For toddlers 1 to 3 years
Premium Toddler Nutritious Milk Drink Step 3 is designed to complement your toddler's diet of solid food where intakes of energy and nutrients may not be adequate. Your little one is growing and becoming more active, and requires more nutition and energy which our milk drink aims to provide.

Prebiotic GOS benefits the bowel function by stimulating the growth and activity of the beneficial bacteria in the colon, helping to prevent constipation, improving digestive comfort and improve mineral absorption.
Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA and have beneficial effects on early infant growth, small intestinal growth and development, intestinal microflora and immune function.
Lutein are essential components for eye health and helps to protect important cells in the eyes by filtering out damaging light and protecting against oxidative damage.
Omega 3 & 6 are precursors of DHA & ARA, which are building blocks for brain and eye development.
Taurine helps support overall mental and physical development.
Choline supports overall mental functioning.
Includes beta-carotene, selenium, vitamins A, C and E.
Zinc and iron to support your child's natural defenses.
Calcium to support the development of strong bones and teeth.
Vitamin D to help support calcium absorption and improve bone strength.
Carbohydrate is a source of energy to support growth and activity.
Dietary Information:
Allergens: Contains Dairy, Soy and Fish.
Protein Source: From Cow?s Milk
Nature One Dairy Premium Toddler Milk Drink has no artificial colours or added preservatives and does not contain sucrose.
Country of Origin: Australia