Aerosol Fabric Stain Remover Lemon 300g


Size: 300G
Product Code: 5026439

Product Description:

Use Vanish Preen Lemon Aerosol on stains such as collar grime, cuff grime and food sauces.


  • Vanish Preen pre-treat range for convenient and easy spot stain removal.
  • It is safe on both colours and whites and at any temperature, even low ones.
  • This is why Vanish is the undisputed world leader in fabric treatment. Vanish: trust pink, forget stains!


    Shake can well before use.

    Hold Vanish Preen Aerosol can at a 45 degree angle approximately 15 centimetres from the soiled area and saturate thoroughly.

    Wait 1-5 minutes. Do not let dry on garment.

    Wash as usual with regular detergent, following the garment care label instructions


    Country Of Origin : Malaysia