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Vermouth Rosso


Size: 75CTL
Product Code: 5033967

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Alcohol Content:

Product Information:
Cinzano comes about from the perfect union of wine, alcohol, sugar and an infusion of herbs and spices. Still today Cinzano’s recipe is unique in the world and has been kept secret for over 250 years.

Tasting Notes:
Created in Torino, Cinzano Rosso is the original of Cinzano’s vermouth portfolio. Its amber colour reflects the product’s rich infusion of herbs and spices, while representing its prestige and quality. It is the perfect ingredient for cocktails thanks to its delicate, yet persistent aftertaste and can be served neat or with a splash of soda.

Make Your Own:
Make your own Americano!
- 1 part (1oz, 3cl) Campari
- 1 part (1oz, 3cl) Cinzano Vermouth Rosso
- Splash of Soda
1. Pour the ingredients directly in a old-fashioned glass
2. Fill with ice cubes
3. Add a splash of soda water
4. Garnish with orange slice or lemon peel