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Supreme Moisture Shampoo 480ml


Size: 480ML
Product Code: 5031765

Product Description:

Argan, picked from the Moroccan tree of life, is known as a natural luxurious ingredient for hair and skin moisturization. Head & Shoulders Suprême has Luxurious Argan Crème fused with floral perfume.

Moroccan Argan Crème^
long-lasting anti-dandruff
The formula can lock water and moisturize, improve dryness and dullness, leave hair moisturized and glossy soft.
10x moisturizers
^Contains Argan oil, ZPT, and conditioning ingredient no visible flakes, with regular use vs. non conditioning shampoo


Shake before use. Wet hair. Gently massage onto scalp. Lather and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired.

Country Of Origin: Thailand