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Buy 2 @ $30.00

Tablets All In 1 Extra 450g


Size: 450G
Product Code: 5031675

Somat 10 Multi-Action All-in-1 Extra offers the special stainless steel shine in addition to the proven Somat benefits such as rinse aid and salt function. Cutlery shines in full glory and no subsequent polishing is necessary. In addition, Somat 10 Multi-Action All-in-1 Extra is active from 40°C and provides freshness for the machine thanks to its odour neutraliser.

- Cleaner
- Effective against tea and coffee stains, and burnt marks
- Fast solubility for immediate action
- Glass protection
- Rinser with extra dry effect
- Salt
- Machine care
- Anti odour
- Active from 40°C
- Stainless steel shine

1 tablet

How to use
Remove tablet from wrapper. Place the tablet directly in the dosing chamber of the machine. Do not place tab in the cutlery basket and do not put in the storage container for salt.