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Active Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Odour Stop 50ml


Size: 50G
Product Code: 5026357

Bref Duo Active Odour Stop brings you the best of both worlds by combining the cleaning agents of liquid toilet bowl cleaners and the fresh fragrance of toilet blocks. Releasing a fragrance boost with odour neutralizing technology that will leave your bathroom clean and fresh with every flush.

In every Bref Duo-Active Odour Stop, you will find the power of dual benefits:

- Powerful Clean.

- Fresh fragrance & Odour Neutraliser.

How to use

Click the duo chamber into the basket.

Hang the support on your toilet bowl rim.

For best results, adjust to ensure that the product is aligned to the flow of water when toilet is flushed.

Ensure the product is securely attached to the toilet rim. Dispose of the used container in the recycling bin. The product may cause damage or a blockage if flushed. "