Cook & Bake Non-Stick Paper 5m


Size: 5M
Product Code: 5004134

Made from a high-quality cooking and baking paper with a specially designed non-stick coating, which eliminates the need to grease the paper when cooking, enabling you and your family to eat healthier with less mess.

- Food won’t stick and burn onto cooking surfaces – providing an even cooking appearance.
- Easy clean up as there’s no need to wash trays and surfaces.
- Healthier food and results with the elimination of additional oil. 

How to use
GLAD Cook & Bake paper has a non-stick coating, so there is no need to grease the paper.
When frying, there’s no need to use oil, or you can use less oil. The pan must be set on a low-medium heat.
Can be used in conventional and microwave ovens.