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Comfort Nite Cottony Soft (Body Fit) 8s 42.5cm


Size: 8EA
Product Code: 5009877

From the No.1 Brand in Japan, SOFY Comfort Nite 42.5cm is the longest^ night pad with Japan Technology Motion-Fit design to prevent back leakages, so you can sleep tight till morning and achieve any possibilities with fresh mornings

Applies to SOFY Comfort Nite 42.5cm within Unicharm Sanitary Napkin

Key Benefits
1. Longest^ 42.5cm for longest protection

2.Japan Tech Motion-Fit fits perfectly to your body shape throughout the night while giving you full back coverage

3. Raised center fits to the body for speedy absorption

4. Prevents side leakage with soft flexible leak gathers at both sides of the napkin to securely block side leaks

5. Cottony Soft sheet for comfort on skin

Product Usage
Remove napkin from the individual wrapper, securely place the adhesive side of napkin on panty directly.