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Camembert Very Mild 125g


Size: 125G
Product Code: 5013288

A soft white speciality cheese with a mild, slightly aromatic taste and soft, almost spreadable texture. Camembert is a bit sharper and stronger in taste compared to Brie.

Camembert is served on cheeseboards, in sandwiches and salads. Camembert can also be baked and fried as the mould keeps the shape of the cheese. For best taste and consistency, leave the cheese at room temperature 15-30 mins before serving. Dry, rich white wine like Alsace and Loire, and Chardonnay wine from Chile, Argentina and Australia are recommended. Merlot from Chile is a good choice for red wine.


Milk, salt, lactic acid culture, calcium chloride, mould culture and rennet (microbial)