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Full Cream Milk


Size: 1L
Product Code: 5033119

Organic Fresh milk air-flown from Australia

This milk is a consistent award winner, judges in Australia have always commended Barambah on the flavour and high quality of this milk. Barambah Organics cows are 80-90% grass fed, which gives the milk a naturaly sweet taste. As the cows are incredibly well nourished the milk contains a high proportion of the ten essential vitamins and minerals needed for good health. The milk is unhomogenised, which means that the cream has not been blasted into fine particles throughout the milk which will settle on top of the milk.

Barambah Organics cows are able to forage for their feed in certified organic paddocks. No artificial fertilisers, pesticides or genetic modified organisms are used in the production of milk on Barambah Farms. The stocking rate on Barambah Farms is one cow to 5 acres which is very low and this provides Barambah cows with the space to express natural behaviours. The milk is produced ethically with the welfare of animals in mind.

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