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Sofix 3-in-1 Floor Care - Marble / Stone / Tile 1L


Size: 1L
Product Code: 5009975

With its special 3-in-1 formula, Sofix Marble & Stone Floor Cleaner provides all-round care for your stone floors.

1) Gently cleans natural stone and tiled flooring, indoors and outdoors.
2) Protects sensitive surfaces from staining and accumulation of dirt, especially in the joints.
3) Improves wear resistance and offers effective weather/weathering protection outdoors.

How to use
Apply undiluted on first use: Thoroughly clean floor. Apply Sofix Marble & Stone Floor Cleaner undiluted and spread evenly with a damp cloth. As it dries, Sofix Marble & Stone Floor Cleaner develops a natural shine without need of polishing. Depending on the desired shine and the porosity of the floor, apply Sofix Marble & Stone Floor Cleaner.
For regular use: Add 2 caps of Sofix Marble and Stone Floor Cleaner to approx 5L of water.