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Naturgard All Insect Killer Spray Citrus 600ml


Size: 600ML
Product Code: 5021542

Product Description:

Shieldtox NaturGard All Insect Killer protects your family in a more natural way, also contains natural citrus extracts, kills all insects and is more environmentally friendly than regular aerosols.

? Shieldtox is for people who want fast and effective action against PEST.

? We are not a global brand, as it only exists in Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand.

? Shieldtox personalize itself as powerful, serious but approachable, confident and a powerful brand which guarantees result.


Close all doors and windows. Switch on the lights before spraying.

Spray upwards throughout the room for about 3-4 seconds for a medium size room of 60m3.

Leave the room after spraying and keep the door and windows closed for at least 10 minutes before re-entry.

Ensure the room is properly ventilated upon entering.

Country Of Origin: Malaysia