Our Commitment


We understand that there are many with special dietary needs and we feel that it is our responsibility to provide you with trusted options for your unique requirements. As such, we’ve specially designed the Wellness4Life section to provide you with wholesome alternatives for a healthier lifestyle.

Food Safety

In recognising the importance of our freshness guarantee, we've implemented a fully integrated cold chain distribution system to ensure the safe handling of perishable items - from supply chain to store level, from paddock to palate, every step of the way.

Energy Saving LED Lights

Majority of the lights found in our stores are LED lights as they use up much less energy while producing the same amount of light that we need. Easy to maintain and great for the environment, we save up to 71% on overall lighting energy each year.

Waste Reducing ESL Ticketing

We are implementing an Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) system in a bid to reduce the amount of paper waste we produce when using the traditional printed materials. Not only does this system ensure all-round price uniformity, it is also environmentally friendly.

Energy Saving Closed-Door Refrigeration

Our stores are moving to a Closed-Door Refrigeration System. With this, the amount of energy the refrigerator needs to maintain a constant temperature is reduced by 27,729 kWh every year, while ensuring that your favourites are always kept in tip-top condition.


Giving our shoppers an opportunity to do something positive for the environment was our motivation when we kick-started the Recyclable Bag program. Now, all our stores boast of sturdy, eco-friendly, recyclable bags that shoppers can purchase and use many times, in turn reducing the consumption of plastic bags.

We support Mindset Care Limited and Care Community Services Society

We support Mindset Care Limited and Care Community Services Society. We thank all our kind customers who have donated to our adopted charities via the donation boxes available at Cold Storage stores.

Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Cold Storage has been a supporter of SPCA for the past years. SPCA donation boxes are placed at selected stores to collect monies to support the operations of the association, which runs solely on public and corporate donations. A recent effort by Cold Storage was the donation of soap and kitchen towels to the newly added wash-station at the kennels.


Children are our future and it is never too early to help them cultivate a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to present the Cold Storage Kids Run annually to all families in Singapore. Not only is it a wonderful platform for families to bond, it is also an amazing opportunity for parents to inculcate healthy living and eating via the myriad of activity lineups every single year.

Donations to Nepal

An answer to the devastating quake in Nepal in 2015, we partnered with the Singapore Red Cross to raise funds for the survivors of this calamity. Cold Storage is always ready to help our neighbours in times of crisis, and we hope you join us in each endeavour.

Care community Services Society

In support of our adopted charity — Care Community Services Society, Cold Storage has done a whole range of donation drives and events all these years, including the Kids Run for Fun Initiative which raised close to $40,000, to help the underprivileged in their daily challenges.

Pledges for the Environment

Cold Storage took active part in the National Youth Envirolympics Challenge (NYEC) in 2010, which broke the Longest Footprint Banner record in the Singapore Book of Records. To build awareness, the 50m long banner, symbolizing the rapid growth of our carbon footprint, was filled with pledges to care more for the environment.

Food Rationing

Done in partnership with Fei Yue Community Services, Cold Storage distributed food to rental block homes in 2013. Our staff volunteers left bags with food and other grocery items as a surprise at the doorsteps of many families in need.


Christmas is a season for giving, receiving and for sharing all the good fortunes and blessings with all those that are close to our hearts. Cold Storage helped contribute to a special Christmas Holiday for the boys at the Boys' Town through the sponsorship of numerous festive items.


The Cold Storage Group has collaborated with CCSS to work with SCORE (Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises) in training 50 inmates on the 'Interact with Customers' CET training module. We also helped to find employment for the spouses of these inmates through CCSS referrals, some of them welcomed to the Group.