Premium Care Tapes L Carton 3 X 42s


Size: 3 x 42EA
Product Code: 5102056

360 Cloud like breathable system It has 10,000 micro holes through NEW tape and top/backsheet, that keep flow fresh air. It helps prevent stuffiness, and skin would be comfort. This could help protect baby's skin from diaper rash

New Technology!^ ^New Silky Soft Tape is used

Feather like fluffy & soft feel Pampers' best* softness by Selected feather like materials. *Internal comparison other than β€˜Hadaichi’

2times Stretch Silky Soft tape^^^ It has unique material stretches whenever baby moves. Thus secure feeling in back. Rounded Shape gentle to skin. ^^^comparison vs. without stretching

Unique 3D hole Mesh Sheet absorbs runny BM Skin caressing Pamper's unique 3D mesh sheet helps to pull wetness and runny BM away from baby's Skin which might otherwise cause stimuli for skin

Distributes Evenly for Fast Absorbency 'Three magic absorbent core ' distribute wetness evenly for instant absorbency. Skin dryness for up to 12hours

It has a convenient urine indicator*** ***At very humid situations, the color may change at times, but the blue color is the notification for urine. If left wet for long time, sometimes urine indicator color spread to absorbent core and lines might look faint. In either case, this does not impact the quality. Urine indicator color may not be easily changed due to affected by sunlight, so keep products out of direct sunlight