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Combat Roach Killer (C-CB104) 6s


Size: 6EA
Product Code: 5003747

Thin and discreet with an adhesive backing for maximum versatility, easy to apply without a mess, and kills at the source.

Roach killing bait strips kill all roaches in their place of origin.

With its new, unobtrusive design, they can be placed in tightest areas such as door hinges, tight corners, small space in between cabinet and wall so more roaches can be attracted to the bait - resulting in a quicker and more thorough kill.

How it works:

  • Roaches find the bait stripes and ingests bait.
  • Formula gives roaches time to carry the bait back to their nest.
  • Other roaches in the nest are exposed to the bait, killing roaches in a domino effect, eliminating source of ingestation via secondary kill effect.
  • Provides continuous killing of roaches in their nest.

How to use

  1. Break strips apart.
  2. Peel off adhesive sticker on bottom of strip and stick them on wherever roaches are seen.
  3. Stick the strip to a clean surface. Use all the bait strips at one time, place 6-8 stripes per area.
  4. To activate the strip, peel off the protective film on the top of the strip marked "Peel Here.?
  5. Replace all baits every 3 months.


  • Do not spray other insecticides on baits as it will reduce the effectiveness.
  • Increased roach activities may be seen near baits immediately after placement due to attractant. Activities will lesson after one week.
  • Ensure baits remain dry and uncontaminated at all times.