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Super Tampons 20s


Size: 20EA
Product Code: 5010828

Tampax Tampons cardboard applicator comes with Anti-Slip Grip for easier insertion. The absorbent core fits your unique shape, and the LeakGuard skirt helps stop leaks before they happen. And they come with a strong, durable wrapper for safe storage. You?ll also love Always Ultra Thin Pads and Always Dri-Liners.

  • Unique Back-up Protection
  • Your shape is unique, FormFit gently expands to fit your
  • unique shape.
  • LeakGuard skirt helps stop leaks
  • Strong, durable wrapper
  • Get up to eight hours* of protection. *Use maximum of
  • eight hours
  • Anti-Slip Grip prevents your fingers from slipping and
  • helps get your tampon in the right place.


    Directions for use inside package

    Country Of Origin: United States